Monday, December 8, 2008

Disebalik nama Kolustrum.

Ejaan : co·los·trum
Etymology : Latin
Bunyi sebutan: kschwa-primarystressläs-trschwam (koh- LOS- trum)
Sinonim/synonym:beestings The first milk drawn from an animal (especially a cow) after it has given birth.(bukan bee stings!ya)

English:foremilk,Mother's milk,first milk

Perkataan Greek untuk colostrum adalah proto-gala :proto(first/pertama)gala(milk/susu).

Rujukan dari Yahoo answers:
The thin yellowish fluid secreted by the mammary glands at the time of parturition that is rich in antibodies and minerals, and precedes the production of true milk. Also called foremilk.
The milk produced by mammals during the first few days after parturition.Colostrum is a valuable source of antibodies for the new-born infant. Animal colostrum is sometimes known as beestings.

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